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When Passions Collide

Never had I imagined that my love of art and nursing could ever be related. The two were always separate entities for me. This was especially true during the time in my career when I was strictly focused on clinical nursing practice. Starting graduate studies allowed me to begin to fuse my two passions; being health and the arts. As a budding researcher and artist, I hope to be able to use my clinical expertise as a Registered Nurse to investigate into arts-based teaching, learning and interventions. Art can be so healing and there's so much more that we need to investigate to have adequate evidence to help inform our clinical practices and policies. Although my dissertations had initially included an arts-based lens, this was removed to create a stronger foundation for my seminal work. As I continue to develop my dissertation chapter writing and imminent research study on women with MS and their understanding of their health and well-being I keep getting so excited not just for my MS research, but by the thought of what my future holds professionally with arts-based work.

Arts Based Researcher in the Making

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