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I am so excited and proud to be part of this amazing arts-based research initiative. The project focuses on poetry by women who've experienced violence. The art created is inspired by these poems. Although I've only been involved as an artist interpreting one poem, this project has been transformative. I was so compelled by the poems and the other artists who provided their artistic interpretations. This research team has been inspiring towards my future goals as an arts-based researcher. Thank you Dr. Jackson and your talented team for allowing me the opportunity to participate in your project!

“Repaired” Water Colour on Paper

by Jennifer Howard (nee Collins)

This art piece was created after reading a poem entitled, “Now Perfectly Imperfect.” It embodies a woman’s ability to acquire self-acceptance in the midst of inner conflict. The motif used in this artwork was inspired by the Japanese art of kintsukorai or kinsugi, where broken pottery is fused back together using gold or precious metals. This style of art is thought to make something that is broken more beautiful through the process of repair.

The belief of being beautifully broken is known in Japan as ‘wabi-sabi,’ which loosely translates to mean that things can exist as perfect despite imperfections. The artist believes that ‘wabi-sabi’ is exemplified through the human experience by means of displaying resiliency in the face of adversity- which was emphasized throughout the poem that inspired this piece of art.

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